About Us

Machine Shop Hatboro PAParadigm Corporation is a Philadelphia area machine shop specializing in the design and manufacture of complex assembly parts.  From our first days back in Joe’s Garage (Joe Murphy founded Paradigm back in 1987), we have been on a mission to help technology companies prototype and develop the cutting-edge automation components used to revolutionize the field of assembly and production robotics.

While we got our start in semiconductor tooling and still enjoy great success in that industry, we have also worked with clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and automation industries.  By focusing on providing machining services and not just being another machine shop, we have earned a reputation for strategic problem solving, technical expertise and tooling excellence.

Over the years, we’ve moved on three different occasions to newer, larger and more technically advanced facilities, all in an effort to keep pace with our customers and their increasing needs for short-run prototyping and component production.  We are proud to boast some of the longest-lasting working relationships in the market, but we always enjoy the excitement and challenge of a new project.

The key to our success has always been our team. With employees dating back 20-plus years to those early days, our specialized experience and knowledge base are much deeper than those of most machine shops.  Paradigm helps customers “figure it out.”  We understand that you’re eventually going to take your project elsewhere for mass production. For us, the thrill is in problem-solving, the research and development, racing the clock to ensure minimal time to market, and producing the ideal fit.

Paradigm’s talented machinists and tool makers have worked together for many years and possess a combined expertise in nearly every field with a proven ability to produce niche-quality craftsmanship. In addition, our team is constantly seeking the next innovation, educating ourselves on the processes and expanding our capabilities.

For more than 30 years, Paradigm has been helping companies just like yours to design and manufacture the components for their manufacturing systems.

  • Contact Paradigm Corporation if you’re seeking a reliable technology partner with years of proven experience developing and producing automated assembly components.

409 Lincoln Avenue, Hatboro, PA 19040 · Phone: +1 215.675.9488